Thursday, 15 April 2010

Talent among the burning rubbish

As they work with children sponsored by World In Need, the teachers at the Cypress Christian Foundation School (CCFS) have become aware that many of them are talented, able to sing, dance and act. Keen to nurture these talents, the school has set up a theatre group.

The group allows the children to develop their skills and talents, which may help them when the time comes to choose careers, although in a place where opportunities for the children are few, it also provides a precious chance to do something that is, quite simply, fun, something outside the activities needed to survive. Just for giving them the chance to be children, the group is worth its weight in gold.

The whole school will benefit from the theatre group as much as the individuals who take part, since the group will inevitably raise the profile of CCFS, and draw attention to the work they are doing amongst the children of Smokey Mountain.

It will also give World In Need supporters a chance to see the difference sponsorship can make in the life of a child, taking them from scavenger on a burning rubbish tip to confident student and self assured performer with the world at their feet.

In March 2010, the fledgling group held their first auditions. Twenty children showed up. Of these, thirteen showed outstanding talent, and the theatre group was able to begin. The first presentation is to be held in April, with another in May, leading to a major Charity Show in relation to World In Need Philippines Day in June.

The group also plans to put on their debut play in December 2010.

Like most theatre groups worldwide, the CCFS Theatre Group is working on a shoe string, and they have pared their start-up costs to an absolute minimum. But, as with all theatre groups, some expenses are unavoidable. They will need make up, script pads, costumes and other things for their shows, and are looking for the funds to provide these things. Meanwhile, they are going ahead, nurturing the talents of the children and working in faith that all they need will be provided in time for their shows.

If you would like to know more about the theatre group, what it is doing or how you can help, please contact

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