Saturday, 10 April 2010

International Conference: 5 weeks to go

Five weeks today, delegates from many of the countries in which we work will descend on Crowborough, Sussex, England, to begin a ten day conference. It will be a fabulous time of getting together, sharing fellowship, ideas, you name it.

They'll come from places like Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Kenya, Uganda, Sierra Leone, the Philippines, to name just a few. They'll meet together and form and renew friendships, share stories and ideas, and of course, pray together.

It would also be a wonderful time for people in the Crowborough area to meet with the delegates, talk to them, find out what it is they do and how, ask questions, and show support.

Some delegates are already booked to visit other places during their time here. Robert Mulumbi of Kenya, for instance, will preach at St Richard's Church, Crowborough at the 11am service on Sunday May 16th, which is also the start of Christian Aid week. (Did you think this stuff was thrown together at random?)

If you'd like to meet any or all of the delegates, if you'd like to talk to them, or would just like to know more about their work, please call David at World In Need on 01892 669834.

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