Wednesday, 21 April 2010

International Conference, 24 days to go

From 15th to 25th May, World In Need hosts an International Conference in Crowborough, East Sussex, UK, attended by delegates from most of the twenty two countries in which we work. The conference will take place at All Saints Church, and is not only an opportunity for the delegates to meet with each other, but also gives local people a chance to meet with those who live and work in countries such as Sierra Leone, Uganda, Afghanistan, Thailand, India and Pakistan.

Various talks are planned for the evenings, delivered by speakers from outside agencies. These include:

· Mission or missional, by Bryan Nell

· Building influential leaders, by Neil Prem

· Building a Vision, the state of the world today, by Alex Haxton

· Ron George will also give a talk.

Local residents are more than welcome to attend these talks, which will be from 6pm to 7.30pm every evening, Monday to Saturday. They will be followed by the All Saints Prayer for Revival meetings.

There will also be presentations of our work in various countries, including India, Sierra Leone, Thailand and Afghanistan.

If you’d like further details about the conference and our field workers who will be attending, contact our office on 01892 669834 or

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