Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Volcano threatens Philippines

As you gear up for a great time this Christmas, spare a thought for the people of the Philippines, many of whom face an uncertain future. After typhoons which washed away roads, houses, hospitals and schools, they are now faced with an angry volcano.

Yesterday, it shot up a plume of smoke, fire and ash that reached over a kilometre into the sky.

Stunning pictures - from the safety of your computer station. The view is not so welcome when you're in it.

And any day now, the whole thing might simply explode.

As you unwrap your presents, evacuated Filipinos leave their few possessions behind. As you take a sniff and enjoy the smells of cinnamon and brandy, pine tree and candle wax, they cough and long for a breath not filled with choking ash.

We all want a good Christmas. We all want a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. The people of the Philippines are no different. Let's pray they get what they want.

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