Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Christmas gift idea

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat.
Everybody's shopping for a bit of this and that
If you're stuck for a present or two
Perhaps World in Need can help you.

Do you have loved ones who have absolutely everything? People who are a nightmare to give to? They don't want chocolates or flowers, or ornaments or jewellery, or any of the other things that come to mind?

Why not give them something that makes them feel good and, at the same time, benefits children in third world countries? World In Need sponsors children in schools in Pakistan and Kenya. Over the last year, student numbers in our schools in these countries have grown incredibly, for which we thank God.

However, more children means we need more desks for them to sit at when they do their work. Each desk seats three children (four if they are little) and costs £20. See the post "School Benches" dated 10th December to see the children at the benches in Kenya.

For a donation of £20 - half the cost of many computer games - you can buy a desk for the children we sponsor, and you'll receive a certificate to give to your loved one.

Find out more from marilyn@worldinneed.co.uk

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