Wednesday, 16 December 2009

School in Pakistan

World In Need began their work in Pakistan in the North West Frontier Province, serving Afghan refugees who had escaped the Taliban rule in their own country, and later, the war there.

Following this work, World In Need developed a school in Islamabad, the World In Need Community Free Education Centre, which was established in 2007. It is a primary level, formal education based school, and it offers Bible study to Christian students and Islamic study to Muslim students. Under Pakistani law, all children are given religious education and it is up to their families which religion they study.

The school caters to the poorest sections of society. Many of the children need to work to aid the family finances. To try to give them a childhood and allow them to go to school, World In Need sponsors children. £20 a month supplies all a child's needs and enables them to go to school instead of working in factories or on the streets.

At present there are 35 children in the school, and we would like to increase that to 60. That means finding more sponsors for the children, but also providing more supplies for the school. We have just raised funds to buy enough desks to cater for increased number of children.

Children deserve the best start in life possible. It's up to us to see they get it.

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