Thursday, 17 June 2010

International art on display at Village Hall!

World In Need attempts to help people in some of the poorest places on earth by enabling those people to help themselves. Our work is geared towards this – sponsored children receive an education that enables them to achieve their fullest potential, and train for careers that would otherwise be denied to them. We also have feeding programmes in areas such as Sierra Leone, where malnutrition is a huge threat, as well as orphanages and shelters for street children, and many other projects.

One of the ways we help people to become self sustaining is by enabling them to create merchandise, which we then bring to wider attention.

You can see some of that merchandise this Saturday, 19th June, at Maresfield Village Hall, from 1.30pm to 5pm.

As well as handcrafted jewellery and pashminas from India, there are hand made carpets and rugs from Afghanistan, woven bookmarks from Turkey, cookery books giving traditional Kenyan recipes and oil paintings created by children in our day care centre in Kabul.

90% of all money raised by the sale of these items is sent back to the country of origin and used to support the building of self sufficient communities.

At the exhibition in Maresfield, as well as the merchandise and works of art on display, there will also be opportunity to see what we’ve been doing in our projects in places such as Kenya, Afghanistan and India.

So do come and join us, Saturday 19th June, 1.30pm to 5pm at Maresfield Village Hall and see the work of people we support. Entry is free and tea and cake is provided.

Maresfield is off the A26, between Uckfield and Crowborough.

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