Wednesday, 23 June 2010

An Incredible talent

Azerbaijan is a small country to the east of Turkey, at the very south of the old Soviet Union. After the break up of the USSR, Azerbaijan was involved in a war with neighbouring Armenia, and this resulted in hardship and poverty for many as people were forced to flee their homes. Whole families seeking shelter and safety have found themselves living in one single room, cooking in hallways and sharing toilets with other families. World In Need has been working with these people, sponsoring children and helping where we can.

The Qahramanova family is one of many that World In Need has worked with. As with all our families, sponsorship enables the children to go to school and gives them a chance to achieve their fullest potential. And for one of the Qahramanova children, that potential is great indeed.

16 year old Nigar has an incredible musical talent. Her skills at the piano are world class, and next month she is coming to the UK to take part in the Tunbridge Wells International Young Concert Artists Competition.
While she is here, she has agreed to do two recitals in aid of World In Need’s work in her country. The first will take place at All Saints Church, Crowborough on Friday 23rd July, and the second at Christ Church in Tunbridge Wells, on Saturday 24th July.

Nigar’s is a rare talent which has blossomed and grown despite adversity and poverty. At World In Need we want to work to nurture and develop it, bringing it to full bloom.

Tickets for the recitals, as well as further details, can be obtained by contacting the World In Need office at, or by phoning 01892 669834.

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