Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Painting Hope in Afghanistan.

Poverty and conflict. They stalk the world, giant predators with voracious appetites. They target the weak and the vulnerable, devouring hope, gnawing at the future and diminishing the potential of their victims.

The twin evils of poverty and conflict have held sway in Afghanistan for far too long, preventing the people from living the lives that should have been theirs. And, as always, children are among those who suffer the most.

World In Need began helping vulnerable children in Afghanistan in 2003, building a day care centre for children of the Hazaras, an ethnic group that was severely oppressed by the Taliban regime, and which still faces hardship and discrimination today.At our day care centre we provide a medical service, food – including reinforced food for the severely malnourished, education for children under eighteen, a safe place to play and art lessons.
One of the teachers at the centre was a professional artist. He gave lessons to the children and quickly discovered that a number of them had a real talent, which he nurtured. The paintings produced were of such good quality World In need has been able to export them and sell them on the children’s behalf, boosting their family income and restoring the hope for the future that had been lost.

From 15th to 20th May, World In Need is holding an Art Exhibition at which several of these paintings will be displayed, alongside work by artists based in Crowborough, where World In Need has its Head office. We hope many people will visit our offices during the week of the exhibition and see for themselves the excellent art work. Paintings will also be available to buy.

For further information, contact us on 01892 669834 or info@worldinneed.co.uk

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