Thursday, 27 May 2010

Bringing every child to school, giving equal opportunities to all

That was the answer given by Bevs, who runs Cypress Christian Foundation School for World In Need in the Philippines, when she was asked what her ambition was.

Bevs was at the World In Need International Conference in Crowborough, England, which finished last Monday. Delegates from 15 countries met for ten days to discuss their work, how we could all help one another, how things could be improved so that our work was more effective, and a host of other things besides.

The school is in Baguio City, about four hours north of Manila, and it caters for the children who live on and around Smokey Mountain, a giant rubbish tip which gets its name from the fact that the rubbish is always burning. It is so big, the smoke from it can be seen from the northern outskirts of Manila.

People live on the tip in homes made of cardboard, scrap wood and metal, and eke a living by collecting what they can recycle from the rubbish and taking it to the local market to sell. Very small children can be seen daily, scampering over the mounds of garbage, picking up whatever they can find. Their tiny feet are criss crossed with scars where they have trodden on broken glass and other sharp objects.

Bevs would like to see more of these children brought into school, where the education they can receive would equip them for a life that is a big improvement on their present circumstances. She believes, as do we all at WIN, that every child deserves the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential.

WIN helps find sponsors for the children so that they can afford to go to school. Not only does this give them a chance at a future, it also means they don't have to work on the tip now. There is a need for more sponsors, to help more children.

When asked what we could do to help with her work, Bevs had five requests:

1. They need to purchase or acquire the property where the school is. Although it is safe for now, the school has a landlord and there is always a danger that he or his family could ask them to leave. If we can buy the building, the school will be much safer.

2. Curriculum development materials are needed to enable the school to give the children the very best education they can.

3. assistance and suggestions, comments to improve school operations,

4. More modules and books to help the children learn.

5. People willing to come out to help for short periods of time, people who can help teach art, Bible studies, and other subjects, and who would be prepared to spend a few weeks at the school.

If these are things you feel you'd like to help with, or you'd like more information on the school, please contact us at

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