Wednesday, 24 March 2010

In memory of Daniel Olara and Apwoyo Sarah.

George Amoli is an Anglican Priest in Lira, Northern Uganda. The area around Lira has been devastated by “The Lord’s Army” rebels and many have been killed, orphaned, raped and scarred by these events.

George has a heart for the people and their suffering. He has taken into his own home 16 street children, and ministers to many more who stay living on the streets. Those in his care include former child soldiers, children who were forced to kill their siblings and parents to prove their loyalty to the Army. Some are so traumatised and damaged they cannot yet be integrated back into society. They cannot go to school with other children, or even play.

Some of the women under George’s care have had lips and noses cut off by the Lord’s Army rebels.

George works with World In Need in Lira and the surrounding area. He runs our child sponsorship programme; the sponsored children are able to go to school. Because of their pasts, and what the rebels have done to them, some of the children in the school have their own children with them as they learn.

There are plans to build a school, clinic and training centre on 2,500 acres of land. The land can be farmed commercially, providing the funds to sustain these projects. However we are trying to raise seed money to start the farm for him.

George’s tireless efforts have not gone unnoticed by our greatest enemy, and that enemy has not made things easy for him. Last year, his home was raided, and he lost all his household goods and office wares.

George’s first born son, Daniel Olara, was admitted to University, starting in September this year. At nineteen years old, he had the world at his feet. His fifteen year old sister, Apwoyo Sarah, was at secondary school. On Friday, 12th March, 2010, they were both killed instantly when their motorcycle was in collision with a lorry. They were buried on Tuesday 16th March.

The President of Uganda, His Excellence Yoeri Kagutta Museveni sent a representative to the funeral.

George writes: “It is a great shock to all of our family members but we hope they are with our Lord Jesus Christ and we shall meet them again. May their souls rest in eternal peace, Amen.”

Please pray for George and his family at this terrible time.

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