Thursday, 4 February 2010

An Important Note to all supporters of World in Need in the USA.

As you may know, the funds sent into World In Need by people living in the USA have been handled by Restored Lives in Florida. However, because of the recession, they have had to downsize their work and can no longer carry the administration of World In Need.

We have, therefore, entered into a partnership with a Christian agency that is specifically set up to handle missionary funds. From February 2010, any gifts you wish to send to us should be addressed to the following organisation, together with a covering letter naming the person or field for which you wish the money to be applied.

The Magi Gifts
Susan VanderMeulen, Director.
PO Box 43
Byron Center
MI 49315
Phone 616-272-4209

You can see more about them on

If you wish to donate by check, please mail your tax deductible donation, along with a completed Recipient Qualification Application (RQA), which can be downloaded from their web site home page: “About Us”.

Only one application needs to be sent per recipient. Once a recipient has been qualified then donations can be sent without any forms attached, and you can simply make your donation and send it to the above address.

There are also facilities to donate on line. You will receive a thank you letter for your tax records.

They have web based pages for individual missionaries and these can be seen at their sister page: This is for missionary profiles and news only, and NOT for gifts.

If you have any questions, please visit The Giving Process page, or contact Susan Zuidema by phone at 616-656-1594 or by email at

Thank you for bearing with us, and for all your generous support.