Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Poetry wanted

We are currently trying to compile an anthology of Islamic literature and poetry. The works in the anthology will be English translations of works originally written in a variety of languages, including Arabic, Persian and Turkish.

We are looking for English translations of poetry that was originally written in Bedouin Arabic, Malay, Hausa, Swahili and Uighur, and would be grateful for any examples received.

The purpose of the anthology is to help improve our understanding of Islamic peoples. The world view of Islamic peoples – as opposed to the Islamic faith itself – tends to be formed not by the Qur’an, but by the poetry and literature of those peoples. It is in their writing that we see the root of much of the behaviour, attitudes and opinions held by Islamic people but not accounted for by a reading of the Qur’an. Behaviours such as the honour killings of those who disgrace the family name, for instance, can be traced back to literature rather than scripture.

Once the anthology is compiled, we hope to use it to develop a course, enabling people to study the writings and to form a deeper understanding of the people and cultures influenced by them.

If anyone has pieces which they feel would suit the anthology, please contact us. Our address and email details can be found on our website, http://www.worldinneed.co.uk

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